Preview: the Double-Height Tankard

Below you see a regular tankard, and my first and second attempts at a big one. The first one came out a bit too tall and narrow at the top. I thought it would be good as a tall vase, put a handle on it, then took it back off. It was a really long handle, and it looked cool. But suppose the Norse god Thor buys this tankard. He’d probably fill it to the brim with mead, and the handle would probably break from that weight. A Craftsperson has to consider every issue pertaining to functionality as well as aesthetics, and an angry Norse god is an issue I’d like to avoid.


So the vase is simple and sleek without the handle. The second attempt (on the right) is about an inch and a half shorter, and the handle’s much shorter now, so it will be less fragile. All the same, I think I’d better test it once it’s glazed to make sure it’s Thor-proof, because this is one big mug!

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  1. Alexis says:

    I hope you have fun testing it! 😉

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