The Reluctant Photographer: Light Box Shoot #1


Gradually, I felt the feeling of buyer’s remorse begin to fade as I unwrapped the light box I bought from B&H. Some of my studio mates seemed a little impressed with it, enough to put a stop to the internal monologue, in which I castigated myself for paying $50 for a glorified laundry hamper.
As a member of Brickhouse Ceramic Art Center, I have access to some photography equipment; backdrop paper, tripods, a couple 500-watt lights, and white umbrellas. I bought the light box because it is easy to set up and take down. I need to be able to take these shots as quickly as possible, so I don’t want to wait for perfect weather conditions.

Puttering around with the light box gives me a space age sensation, like I should be wearing a lab coat and gloves as I lower my tankard into position.
My subconscious mind (which is smarter than I am) likes to choose an appropriate soundtrack to go with the occasion. So the whole time I’m working with pristine white fabric and fumbling with the unfamiliar lighting equipment, I’ve got the music from the Nutcracker, the Dance of the Mirlitons (I had to look it up to find the name; click here and scroll down to Track 17) running through my head the whole time.

HPIM0658 HPIM0679

Here are the best shots I got. The shiny blue tankard was the easiest to shoot. The matte salmon was the hardest; a darker backdrop should help with that one. I think the shot of the little bronze sculptures was the only one that was taken with the 500-watt light on. So for the next shoot, I’ll get a small white light or two and try a gray backdrop.

I’m happy with my progress so far.HPIM0674

I’d like to thank all my friends who have listened to me as I gradually psyched myself up to improve my photo skills, and for all the advice they have given me. Without all of you, I’d be alone with my reluctance, inexperience, and a subconscious mind that thinks it’s Stanley Kubrick. If that doesn’t tell you just how much I need your support, I don’t know how to put it.

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