Off-Road Tankard


I started using toy tires as texture tools because my brother John has commissioned me to make some tankards for the Car Club of Virginia Tech. (CCVT) Since these guys are race car enthusiasts, not just any toy tire will do. So I ordered a set of Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 tires. Racecar tires have very shallow texture, so I also ordered a set of off-road tires, since they were more likely to make a good impression in the clay.

HPIM0863As you can see, the racing tire does make a decent print, with the help of some cornstarch, to keep the clay from sticking to it. As for the off-road tire – it is magnificent! Not only does it produce a deeper texture, it is surprisingly comfortable to wear as a bracelet.

HPIM0855But here is the best part – clay does not stick to it! I hope the tires for actual off road vehicles are made of the same kind of rubber; they’ll never get stuck in the mud!

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