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Now you can subscribe to this blog to receive email or text notifications of new content! On the left, you should see “Subscribe Here!” Click the envelope to sign up for email notifications or click SMS to receive text messages. Don’t wait, or you’ll be the last one to see the new pins & beads I just got out of the kiln. Photo coming soon!

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4 Responses to Subscribe Today!

  1. Alexis says:

    I found the “subscribe here” link on the right a few days ago, and I subscribed, but I haven’t been receiving email updates. I just tried to subscribe again, and of course it told me I was already subscribed. 🙁

    • Rita Varian says:

      Did you get a confirmation email? You are not listed in my subscribers, so something must have gone wrong. I subscribed to test it. First, I got an email, subject line “Channel Activation”. After following the instructions, I got another email “Subscription Activation” and then I started to receive updates. Did you get both emails?

  2. 13thBerg says:

    Hey Rita……………………I love your white ceramics….

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