Teapots in the works

Click on the thumbnail below to see teapots! From left to right, you see a teapot I made about 10 years ago, one I just finished, and the third hasn’t been fired yet. They are slab built using templates I designed, like a dress pattern.  The reddish shape in front is the template for the spouts.

The teapot is probably the most challenging piece for a potter to make, because of all the parts.  Not only do these parts have to function properly, they also need visual harmony.

Of course, many teapots are made to be purely decorative, but I want to make at least one that functions perfectly.  So in the third teapot, I increased the size of the lid to make it easier to clean (also to get the teabag back out). I’m not sure if I like how the big lid looks yet, but we’ll see how it looks when it’s glazed.

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